We grow great by dreams


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest


In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics


Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

Why at Santipur Public School

Lash green Campus with pleasant educational environment. An aesthetically designed campus, developed with a deep- rooted vision, by founder having a comprehensive knowledge at educational field and modern educational system. 


SANTIPUR PUBLIC SCHOOL imparts contemporary education for girls and boys. It encourages them to accept modern ideas while respecting universal traditional values. It prepares them to meet the challenges of the changing world and shapes them into confident and conscientious citizen.


Well organized classrooms equipped with modern resources and digital learning. Skill development programme is followed to have student’s maximum learning outcome. Activity based joyful learning guided by strategic lesson plan. Friendly environment with the teachers. A rich library with a vast range of helpful books. Different types of gaming equipment to build reasoning capacity of learners. The system of our school enables students to perform to the best of their abilities.


An able fleet of school buses drops and fetches students to and from different parts of the city. All buses are equipped with better security and attendants.


The school possesses an efficient faculty of teachers and assisting staff. Regular training sessions and workshops by Govt  resource persons are organised to improve their skills in the latest pedagogies.



Management's Message

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Principal's Message

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Our Events

Teachers Day

On this very day, teacher’s day celebrations in school are organized by the students for their beloved teachers as a means to Thank them for their contributions in shaping their lives. Students give flowers and cards to their teachers, and also put up various performances. The day is celebrated with fervour and vigour.

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is a worldwide observance. It is commemorated every year on 21 February to “promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity”.

Online Class

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions face an unprecedented situation. Being unable to meet in classrooms, learners and teachers have had to react to shifting circumstances and formulate strategies for alternatives such as online learning.Online learning can help students flourish. 

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